TIBCO Course Content

Overview :

TIBCO is a robust and highly scalable platform that can be used to develop new services, automate the business processes, and integrate applications – minimal code required. It has been market leader in MIDDLEWARE Solutions.

Training Objectives of TIBCO :

TIBCO is an enterprise platform for implementing world-class integration solutions. In this Course, Students acquire key skills needed to solve integration challenges using this platform. Once the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Course is over Student would be able to build, deploy, and monitor complex solutions in it.

Target Students / Prerequisites :

Students must be belonging to Technical Background and familiar with Java programming.

EAI concepts :

  • Introduction to Integration and EAI tools
  • EAI tools in the market
  • What is TIBCO?


  • TIBCO Runtime Agent(TRA)
  • How TIBCO supports EAI


  • Introduction to Business works
  • Installation of TIBCO
  • Overview of TIBCO designer and Tester Utility
  • Working with palettes with complex Transformations
  • FILE
  • XML
  • HTTP
  • JDBC
  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • XML tools
  • XML activities
  • GENERAL Configuration palette
  • JMS palette
  • Java palette
  • Overview of Grouping and its usage
  • Overview and usage of various variables in TIBCO BW
  • Xpath formula builder


  • Introduction to Web services and SOAP
  • Webservices implementation in Tibco BW using
  • SOAP Palette / Service Palette


  • Introduction & Architecture of JMS
  • Overview of EMS
  • Message mode
  • Topics / Queues
  • Difference between Topics & Queues
  • Creation of topics/queues
  • Bridging topics
  • Persistence and non persistence
  • Durable/non durable
  • EMS Examples
  • Creating Bridges


  • ADB Adapter with example
  • Mq Series Adapter with example


  • Introduction to Rendezvous
  • Rendezvous Architecture
  • Types of messaging
  • Reliable messaging & certified messaging
  • Rendezvous Examples
  • Publish/subscribe, Point to Point, multicast messaging
  • Distributed Queue
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Rendezvous routing Demon (rvrd)
  • Rendezvous Agent (rva)

Courses Duration : 3-4 weeks