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The top web designing course in Bhubaneswar is now presenting to get started with new courses in Techctice. This web designing course is an key to the design and creation as well as maintenance of web pages and websites. We will assure you to learn how to critically evaluate website quality and learn how to create along with maintain a good quality web pages. Apart from that, you will learn about web design standards and creating along with manipulate images

Best Software  Training Institute in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Training by expert trainers with live practical examples, so every student can be exposed to real-time scenarios, making learners understand the requirements of the software industry and can easily crack interviews. Techctice offers job oriented web designing course with practical on web page designing and website development. Our course module design two categories.

Techctice provide Internship with placements for every students in advanced web design course. We offer course module on regular updated as for the web design industry wants. Our trainers are highly qualified and are expert in web related things for which we have delivered trained web designer in many well built web designing company.

Internship & Live Project

Practical Industry Exposure

Execution & Certificate Provided

Flexible Work Hours(3-4 hrs a day)

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Angular
  • Node JS
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • JAVA

Our Proud Trainers

Best Digital marketing Trainer in Bhubaneswar

Shuvam Panda

Microsoft Certificate Professional.
Team Leader In Development.
Corporate Trainer Since 2016.

Ankit Anand

Full Stack Developer.
Excellent In Training.
Trainer Since 2020.


Why Web Designing Course is Best in Techctice ?

Techctice is top web designing course in Bhubaneswar. Starting your internship here, will enhance your Web Technology Experience to very well. It will Optimize the web Technology Knowledge in you. Will help to achieve Brighter Career through our institute as well as will help you to earn By getting Job in well developed web designing company.

Before leaving this opportunity, make sure to get a internship in Techctice. We use best and smart methods of learning which are quite effective for students to be the upcoming web designer in top companies.And can get a job here in Techctice as well.

Our institute provide Live Projects for Advanced web design course as well as provide internship and placements for different web design companies.

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    Web Technology Course:

    Computers can’t communicate with each other the way that people do. Instead of that computers require many codes and directions. Those binary codes and commands makes computers to process needed information. Each and every second, billions upon billions of ones and zeros are processed in order to provide the information you need.

    The methods by which computers are communicating with each other with the use of multimedia packages and markup languages is known as web technology.


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    According to the HRD ministry, India has 6,214 engineering and technology institutions which are enrolling 2.9 million students. And every year around 1.5 million engineers are released into the job market. Agreeing to Employability-focused study based on 150,000 engineering students, the result shows hardly 7 per cent of the total no of passing engineers employable.

    While we graduating engineers want jobs either in software engineering or core engineering,
    But do we have right skills to be employed in software or product market ? So its time to do some reality check and prepare on what is exactly IT industry looking from us.


    Let’s boil down to where we need focus more:
    • Technological skill upgrade – The exact software skills that IT needs like expertise on Front end design skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular JS, React JS. programming skills like PHP, Java, .NET, Python.
    • Application execution skills : Real time implementation of this technology on group
    • Logical/Analytical Skills : Analyzing the exact requirement and delivering as per requirement. Delivering value.
    • Design Skills : Designing graphics, UI, UX as appropriately.

    With this we need to know the recent trends, change in demand by customers to deliver right solution. Upskills in recent IT technologies is essential to keep up with the IT market.

    So It’s never late to START ! Take the charge of career.

    Best web design & development internship in Bhubaneswar, Join our unique, project based, real project execution based internship which will give you market exposure, client interaction, assessment on your work and in time on job guidance to help you become a real IT PROFESSIONAL.

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    You should join this internship to have better future in your life.

    Yes, web design and development is an appropriate course for you to grow your career in Web Development field in an IT Organization.

    Yes , You should pay the full fee payment once the class starts. For now you can get admission by paying a ₹2,000.

    The Environment of the Institute will be a positive environment always.

    The duration of the internship will be around 90 days.

    Complete syllabus in present in office and the students should visit the office to know there syllabus for different internship.

    It will be a practical process teaching with live project.

    You will work with a web development business after you have finished your web design training or as an individual employee. There are thousands of businesses that employ software developers for their front end and back end web creation programme. best web design & development internship in bhubaneswar will  be  also work professionally as a web designer and start up your own company.

    The maximum capacity of our Organization internship class will be 10 students only.

    Yes there is a scope for intern to work in our Organization that means whosever will perform excellent in our internship classes .Then there is a high possibility of chance to get placed in our Organization.

    A development contractor is a person who uses web design and functionality – as the user or the product workers need – and translates it into a website. With the production capacities increasingly being pursued, best web design & development internship in bhubaneswar ,we are going to an ever more technical future. The future of technology changes artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things ( IoT), quantum computing, etc.

    The starting salary of a Web Design intern will be around 18 k to 30k  per month .

    Yes Web Design and Development is a vast course.

    The time of class will be 11am to 1pm.