Before knowing about mobile application let us first know about an application. An application is software which is built by programmers to make our work easy. An application performs so many specific tasks. The applications which we use in our mobile phones are called mobile applications. Some of the commonly used mobile apps are Facebook, Whatsapp, Amazon, Instagram, etc. A mobile application runs on mobile phones. These applications can be downloaded and installed onto a mobile. The apps typically provide a specific function that’s not as easily as accomplished on a web browser. They are often integrated with common smartphone features like the camera or GPS. There are so many ways in which these apps can directly benefits for our business. A mobile app can complement your mobile website helping everyone achieving specific and useful goals.

What is mobile app development?
Mobile application development is among the process where programmers create software applications that run on mobile device, as well as a typical mobile application which utilizes a network connection, that work with remote computing resources. Types of Mobile Apps Before we continue, we want you to quickly cover the types of applications development. Generally, mobile application developers could build an app in one of these three categories: Native apps —This is Coded in a language that’s supported by a specific device’s operating system. (Example : native Android app). Hybrid apps — Also known as Cross platform development. Applications are coded in single language which can be run on multiple platforms. (PWA) or Progressive web applicaitons —This is a lightweight application that runs in the URL of a device’s web browser. It feels and looks like a mobile application, but it’s not delivered natively on any device.

Android is like free open source software development platform that’s run by Google. However, Google has own mobile devices for mobile and tablets, other manufacturers, like one plus and Samsung and many also produce smart phones and tablets powered by the Android OS. There are two android programming languages :

Java and kotlin Java : Since Android was officially introduce in 2008, it has been the default development language for Android application to write. This language was initially created in 1995.However, it has fair share of faults, and still the most popular programming language for Android. Most of the other Android programming languages are considered a version of Java. Kotlin : Google has announced that it may start supporting the Kotlin programming language in 2017. As it’s an alternative language to Java for Android development.It is very popular, even as a new language.

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