Cloud Computing

Introduction:- Everything nowadays is moved to the cloud, running in the cloud, accessed from the cloud, or may be stored in the cloud. So simply cloud computing refers to “the cloud” is a service that allows people to use online services that are generally available through any device with an internet connection. This means that the user does not need to be at a certain location in order to access certain data. From computing and Read More
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Introduction:- Appium is an open-source cross-platform automation testing tool and mobile application UI testing framework. It is used for automating test cases for native applications, hybrid applications, and web applications. The tool has a major focus on both Android and iOS apps and was only restricted to the mobile application testing domain. Recently a few updates back Appium also announced that they will also be supporting the testing of desktop applications for Windows. Now Appium Read More
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WHAT IS AN ANGULAR DEVELOPER:- Normally a person who develops something we call a developer. , a person who builds some applications based on Angular is known as an angular developer. He must be an expert in Angular Technology. So, Angular is a type of platform for building applications. It is also known as a framework for building single-page client applications. Angular is basically written in Typescript. All the applications which an Angular Developer built Read More
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INTRODUCTION: MS.NET is not a programming language.It is a protocol micro shop. It is offered by Microsoft. It has no full form. DEFINITION: MS.NET is a software development framework offered by microsoft.It includes a library and runtime environment. So, it is a Microsoft tool which we will use for application development. DESCRIPTION: MS.NET is a software or framework that is developed by Microsoft for developing different kinds of application. Using MS.NET we can develop so Read More
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Starting learning web application creation by studying online PHP courses is a well-chosen first step toward a lucrative career in the industry. In PHP programming, whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned veteran, there will be anything on this list that suits your skill level. For any skill level, there are online courses out there.Best php course in Bhubaneswar,Here are our best PHP course options, Creating PHP Web Applications; Techctice.Learn and also 100% Read More
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