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AWS or Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary company of Amazon which is a cloud computing service provider. It is the world leader of the cloud computing service provider. It was started in 2006 and was the first company in cloud computing. It has the biggest chunk of the cloud computing market. When a software developer makes an application or infrastructure that need a server where data can be stored and managed. They have to set up a server and manage many things that require more money and management. Cloud computing service provider like AWS offers to compute powers, Database storage, content delivery, and many more so that developer should focus on software and creativity only and business can grow. AWS is the most reliable enterprise in its field. AWS provides services on a pay as you go basis, you have to pay only for that time and services you are using.

Here we are providing all types of internships including Amazon Web Service. We have been ranked as the best amazon web service internship in Bhubaneswar.

Internship & Live Project

Practical Industry Exposure

Execution & Certificate Provided

Flexible Work Hours(3-4 hrs a day)

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Angular
  • Node JS
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • JAVA

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Why AWS Course Is Important:

• On the preeminent cloud computing platform, validate your skills and knowledge.

• Among the top paying info-tech certifications worldwide, you will be consistently listed.

• Gain more interviews for aspiring cloud specialists and, once hired, higher wages.

• Reliable and well-designed tech credentials are recognised industry-wide.

• Demonstrate credibility and commitment to your career path in cloud engineering.

• Offer access to a network of like-minded colleagues and AWS think-leaders.

• Recertification is required, which ensures that your AWS skills remain current.

Services of AWS:

  1. Compute
  2. Database
  3. Storage
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Minitoring

AWS provides more than 150 services. In the compute domain the primary service offered EC2isby Amazon web service .In the Database domain, the primary database service offered by AWS is RDS or relational database service where the database like MySQL, Oracle can be managed automatically. Backup, security, updates are done automatically. In storage domain primary service is S3, it treats data or files as an object. It is an object based storage system. Cloud watching is the service provided by AWS for monitoring, you can easily monitor your every file and services running in your account. Best Amazon Web Service in Bhubaneswar.

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    Why AWS Course Required :

    There is many other cloud computing service provider like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM. But AWS is the oldest and most experienced in the market. It has the largest cloud computing market share . It provides functions of deployment, mobile networking, databases, storage, and security.

    AWS has the most number of database zones.AWS has 55 availability zones and some more coming in recent times.

    You can choose your nearest data center of AWS.AWS has a worldwide data center. If you move from one country to another you can transfer your data from one data center to your nearest one.

    So, now-a-days there is a high demand for AWS. So we are providing the best Amazon Web Service Internship in Bhubaneswar.


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    Why aws Course Will Benefit For You:

    • Making preparation for the future.

    • New directions for technical knowledge growth.

    • Get a sense of gratitude for your efforts.

    • Show your levels of engagement.

    • Few obstacles in clarifying AWS certification.

    • Skilled network growth prospects.

    • Opportunity to become an authority on subjects.

    Advantages of AWS :

    Flexibility: AWS offers various services to its clients. A person/enterprise doesn’t require other services providers for other tasks.AWS handles almost everything so that you can focus on your goal and business only. Services like compute power, total server, database service, security, software development consultancies.

    Cost-effective: If u set up your own server, it requires a large amount of money. And even if you are not using it, your expenses like electricity, rent for the place, maintenance of the server is not going to lessen. So it is better to rent a server according to your usage. You canpay according to your need only. You have to pay only for the services you use and for that time only.AWS provides services on a pay as you go basis.

    Scalability: When you have your own server, You have to change your entire set-up whenever you require more space or functions. But with AWS you can instantly change your services.
    Security: AWS is more reliable than handling its own server.AWS is handling many big companies like Netflix, Airbnb, Amazon, Tata Motors, Instagram, and many most aws training center in Bhubaneswar.

    With this much of opportunities in AWS everyone should at least try once AWS. So before that lets have an internship at Techctice, which is the best Amazon Web Service internship in Bhubaneswar.


    You should join this internship to have better future in your life.

    Yes, Amazon Web Service is an appropriate course for you to grow your career in AWS field in an IT Organization.

    Yes , You should pay the full fee payment once the class starts. For now you can get admission by paying a ₹2,000.

    The Environment of the Institute will be a positive environment always.

    The duration of the internship will be around 45 days.

    Complete syllabus in present in office and the students should visit the office to know there syllabus for different internship.

    It will be a practical process teaching with live project.

    AWS is leading the way in cloud computing. Whatever area you are, whether you are a web developer, database or system administrator, an IoT developer, or a Big Data Analyst, there are opportunities to use the service. This credential lets you follow career paths such as AWS Solution Architect, AWS Engineer, and Cloud Architect.

    The maximum capacity of our Organization internship class will be 10 students only.

    Yes there is a scope for intern to work in our Organization that means whosever will perform excellent in our internship classes .Then there is a high possibility of chance to get placed in our Organization.

    AWS supports highly stable, extensible and low-cost cloud computing solutions. AWS also maintains a wide range of application services and big data analytics. As a result, today’s digital market has seen a huge increase in recognition and transition to AWS to a large degree in recent years.

    The starting salary of a AWS intern will be around 18 k to 30 k per month .

    Yes AWS is a vast course.

    The time of class will be 11am to 1pm.