Sap Testing Course Content

Overview :

SAP Testing is same as manual Software testing, but here the applications are used in SAP R/3 and Enterprise portal. It involves in designing test cases according to the changes happening in R/3 and Portal.

Training Objectives of SAP Testing :

SAP Testing course shows how SAP business processes and application modules (SD, FI and CO) merged together from the viewpoint of user acceptance testing. Students will learn on defining the roles, responsibilities and goals for acceptance testing and techniques that allow testers to take responsibility for the quality assurance of their SAP systems.

Target Students / Prerequisites :

Sound Knowledge Required on SAP. Knowledge Required on Various Software Applications. Knowledge Required on Testing Concepts.

Overview of Validation Testing :

  • What is Validation Testing
  • Goals of Validation Testing

Validation testing Process :

  • Aim of Validation Testing
  • Testing Process

Validation Techniques :

Types of Validation testing :

Overview on ERP :

  • Complete Overview on Various types of ERP
  • Difference between ERP Testing and Web Application Testing

What is SAP and SAP System Landscape?

  • Introduction of SAP
  • Overview on modules in SAP
  • Integration between Modules
  • Servers Connectivity
  • shed Constructions

Production based Support :

  • CR Testing

Types of Projects  :

  • Implementation Project
  • Support Project
  • Rollout Project
  • Upgrade Project

Validation testing in SAP :

  • Introduction
  • Validation testing Process in SAP
  • Customization & Testing
  • Phases of testing
  • (ProMan)

SAP Modules :

  • SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)
  • SAP MM (Material Management)
  • SAP HR (Human Resource Management)

SAP Testing Types :

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • UAT

SAP Business Process :

  • Definition
  • Client Business process

SAP Sales cycles :

  • Sales
  • Delivery
  • Billing

SAP Navigation :

  • Screens
  • Button
  • Tabs

SAP Critical Process :

  • Credit memo
  • Debit memo
  • SAP Screen flow
  • VA01, VL01N, VF01

PS Projects – overview :

Overview on automated testing of SAP systems

Set up the system landscape for eCATT

eCATT environment (scripts and script language)

Version eCATT scripts

Migrate CATT to eCATT

SAP Different table views

Test Workbench overview

Change Diagnostics

Transparency and documentation of current system configuration and business processes

Introduction of SAP Solution Manager and SAP System Landscape Directory as configuration management and

documentation tools

Control Dashboard to control parameter settings across the solution


Test plan, Test Strategy and Methodology

Defect bog

Defect Life Cycle

DR Testing

Performance testing

Segregation Testing

Testing case analysis

Automation Testing

Automation testing tools

Test Quality Analysis

Test automation with eCATT and SAP Code Inspector

Setup of the test environments

Certification test for the SAP E2E Solution Operations Certification as Application Management Expert

Change Control Management

Do’s and Dont’s

Courses Duration : 3-4 weeks

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