SAP – Security Course Content

Overview :


SAP SECURITY is one of the leading ERP in the market and number one in the market with huge margin in the most important aspects in modern business. The one of the foremost responsibility in any business is security of information – Customer Data, Purchase Data, Clinical-trails data in Pharma industry, etc.

Training Objectives of SAP Security :

SAP Security is designed to introduce SAP R/3 architecture, User Administration and SAP authorization objects. This program will help trinees gain indepth knowledge of SAP authorizations, User Master records, Profile generation using PFCG, Tracing and analyzinig SAP authorizaion issues and a brief introduction of CUA.

Target Students / Prerequisites: :

We fulfills the objectives of Confidentiality, Integrity, & Availability, the other fulfillments carried by SAP Security training are Complying Legal Requirements – SOX, HIPPA, ITAR. Segregation of Duties vs. Excessive Access, Controls – Preventive Vs Detective, Mitigating conflicts etc. SAP Security Course Deals With The Protection Of The Information From Unauthorized Use.


  • What is Security & Why?
  • Security audit & consideration?
  • Security layers
  • Data layer
  • Access security
  • Operational security
  • Audit Security & Security audit log parameters.
  • Application on R/3 Security.
  • OS level security & Change management.
  • Types of Security’s
  • Internal Security
  • External Security
  • SAP Security
  • User administration & Types of Users.
  • Central user administration (CUA).
  • Authorizations
  • Authorization Objects
  • Authorization profiles
  • Programming authorizations
  • Authorization groups
  • Missing authorizations
  • Authorization Trace.
  • Roles
  • Composite Role
  • Single Role
  • Derived Role
  • Parent Role & Child Role.
  • Transaportation of Roles & Role Mitigation.
  • The complete User status (SUIM).
  • Locking transactions.
  • Restricting access to SAP* & DDIC.

SAP R/3 :

  • SAP History .
  • SAP R/3 architecture & Layers.
  • Client administration.
  • Spool administration Basics.
  • Background jobs.
  • Monitoring.
  • Transport management Basics.

Courses Duration : 3-4 weeks