SAP – PP Course Content

Overview :

SAP PP (Production Planning) is Comprehensive Repository of Complete master data, system configuration and transactions to complete the Plan to produce process. This module primarily covers the process in the production for example capacity of the productions planning, Master production scheduling, production Material requirement planning shop floor and many other things.

Training Objectives of PP :

SAP PP Module is a Very Crucial Application in SAP that is used to automate all the activities of planning, controlling and scheduling thereby providing customized solution for production process. It is very valuable tool that can help automate and streamline batch oriented process..

Target Students / Prerequisites :

Students must have knowledge in the area of Production Planning Manufacturing, Sales and Shipping, Material Management and also familiar with concepts in SAP.

Overview of ERP :

About SAP :

SAP Hierarchy Structure :

Master Data :

  • Material Master
  • Bill of Material – BOM
  • Work Center
  • Routing – Different types of Routing
  • Production Version

Sales and Operational Planning – SOP :

  • Standard Planning (with standard so76 info structure)
  • Planning with the Product Groups
  • Planning with the Materials
  • Product Group Aggregation and Desegregation
  • Creation of Plan and version management
  • Transfer of Plan to Demand Management

Master Planning:

  • Demand Planning
  • Creation of PIR (Planned independent requirements)
  • Planning Strategies

Planning Material Requirement :

  • Master Data requirements in MRP
  • Carrying MRP Procedure MRP, MPS, CBP
  • Difference between MRP Vs MPS
  • Control indicators Processing like NETCH, NETPL, NEUPL
  • Evaluation of planning results and planning table
  • Master Production Scheduling planning run (MPS RUN)
  • MRP Run In Background for all network Plants
  • Processing Planned orders
  • Planned orders conversion
  • Production Orders from planned orders
  • Production order creation
  • Production order confirmation

Goods Movement in PP :

  • Goods Receipt wref to Production Order
  • Goods Issue wref to Production Order
  • Creation of GI wref to Reservation
  • Restricting Goods Receipt Unless Production Order is Confirmed

Batch Management :

  • Condition Tables
  • Access Sequence
  • Strategy Types
  • PP Batch Search Procedure
  • Batch Status in PP
  • Characteristics and class
  • SLED In Batch in PP
  • Manual And Automatic Batch Display In PP
  • Production orders creation using Batch

Variant Configuration in BOM :

  • Characteristics
  • Class
  • Classification
  • Classification settings in material master
  • Maintain Dependency
  • Configurable Profile for Material

Availability Check :

  • Availability Check with ATP Logic or Against Planning

Repetitive and Discrete Manufacturing Process :

  • Master Data Maintenance
  • Production versions
  • REM Profile
  • Backflusing
  • REM Backflusing


  • MM
  • SD
  • QM
  • WM
  • FI

Courses Duration : 3-4 weeks

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