SAP – HR ABAP Course Content

Overview :

SAP HR ABAP is a Core Module in SAP ERP. In ABAP we use Logical data base very rare cases, as in HR ABAP most of the programs use Logical data base to select data from Infotypes by using get event. In ABAP Module we will use read statement to read particular record, while in HR ABAP we do use read statement apart from that we need to use Macros and provide statement.

Training Objectives of HR ABAP :

There is no significant difference between ABAP and HR ABAP. The way of retrieving the data from data base is different. In ABAP data is stored in the form of Tables, where as in HR ABAP employee data is sorted through Infotypes and the way of retrieving the data from infotypes is deferent in HR ABAP.

Target Students / Prerequisites :

Students must have Solid Skills on Object Oriented ABAP and code performance tuning and Strong analytical, problem-solving and multi-tasking skills. Basic Knowledge Required on SAP Concepts.

Introduction to HR Module :

  • Introduction to Organizational Structure
  • Differences between ABAP & HR-ABAP

Logical Databases (LDBs) :

  • Creating the Logical Databases
  • LDB Events
  • Analyze Standard LDBs

Introduction & Maintain the Master Data :

  • Infotypes
  • Definition of Infotype
  • Creating a new Infotype
  • Enhancing the Standard Infotype

Time Constraints :

  • Time Constraints

HR Specific Macros :

  • HR Specific Macros

Reporting :

  • Reporting

Repeat Structures :

  • Repeat Structures

HR-Interfaces :

  • HR-Interfaces

Clusters & Payroll reporting :

  • Clusters & Payroll reporting

Interfacing Tool Kit :

  • Interfacing Tool Kit

FAQs :

  • FAQs

Assistance in Resume Preparation :

  • Assistance in Resume Preparation

Workshop on Real Time Concepts :

  • Workshop on Real Time Concepts

Courses Duration : 3-4 weeks