Agile is a framework used to describe approaches to software development emphasizing incremental delivery, team collaboration, continual planning, and continual learning. Agile can, however, is considered a mindset or a way of thinking. Lead evidence proves that agile management produces benefits in two key ways: it gives workers the empowerment that research suggests they crave, and in turn, it frees up leaders to focus on higher-level tasks, such as refining strategy and developing new business models.

SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) is a set of organizations or more so a framework of Agile itself which inculcated a workflow pattern intended to guide enterprises in guiding enterprises in scaling lean and agile practices.

The SAFe Agile certification training course is suitable for executives, senior managers, quality analysts, directors, VPs, program and project managers, product managers, portfolio managers, process, enterprise architects, solution architects. Anyone wishing to aid their organization in the adoption of a Lean-Agile framework should take this SAFe Agile certification course.

Upgrading its features so as to cater to the demanding needs of the new and evolving business and technology trends is a hallmark of SAFe. Even during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the guidance for PI planning, organizational Agility, and Agile Teams were quick to upgrade. In order to keep at par with the Big picture, continuous updates become necessary to inculcate. Minor releases of the Big picture occur under a ‘dot release’ like the current Big Picture version 5.1.

Below are mentioned some of the major highlight changes in the SAFe 5.1 Big Picture :


A new Operational Value Streams icon and guidance article describes how an enterprise delivers value to its customers. These value streams represent the sequence of activities needed to provide a product or service to a customer.


The value streams within the portfolio level of the Big Picture were relabeled Development Value streams to clearly distinguish them from the Operational Value Streams.


The formerly blue solution icon has been replaced with the Solution Box to be consistent with the Agile product delivery competency.


‘SPC’ is the abbreviated form of ‘SAFe program consultant’, inculcated to reduce visual clutter and employ the more commonly used term for this role.


Added to the left side of the Lean Budgets, Participatory Budgeting is the process that  Lean Portfolio Management uses to allocate the total portfolio budget to its development value streams.

SAFe is a way of taking any iterative Agile way of working (normally restricted to a few teams) and scaling it up at various levels of the organization, whilst applying a mindset of Lean manufacturing. SAFe functions on the basis that a need for adaptability is required in the industry. Especially the large scale industries are in need of SAFe 5.1 because of the fact that they are burdened with legacy processes and outdated technological hierarchies that need to remain relevant in the market, because of their inability to respond to rapidly changing customer needs. If adopted in the most reasonable and intelligent manner, SAFe will enhance the businesses to compete in the present marketplace and thrive successfully in the era of technological domination.

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