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Balance business viability, technical feasibility, and customer desire to lead products and features toward long-term success. Learn from a seasoned expert.

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Formalize your product management (PM) skill set to succeed across both startup and enterprise product organizations. Gain the confidence and credibility you need to lead cross-functional initiatives and bring physical and digital products to life.

Product Owner / Product Manager Training

Learn how to create a winning product strategy and compelling product road map

This training course teaches you how to create a winning product strategy and a compelling product road map for digital products. You will learn how to build, validate, and update a strategy across the product life cycle, how to systematically derive the product road map from the strategy, keep it up to date, and connect it to the product backlog. Additionally, you will learn how to manage a product portfolio and align the strategies and road maps of its members. It’s ideally suited for product professionals who want to strengthen their strategic skills and who work in an agile environment.

Who should take the Certified Product Owner course?


Anyone who enjoys (or wants to become more familiar with) the business side of projects can benefit from earning a Product Owner knowledge and practical expertise.

Product owner jobs—and the irreplaceable people skills these roles require—are on the rise. In 2020, LinkedIn named it the #15 emerging job, with a 24% annual growth. The World Economic Forum went even further, calling it the #1 job needed for the emerging global workforce.

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What we will learn?

We will start with:
Agile, Scrum & SAFe 6.0 basics

Week 1: Understanding PO’s Role in Product Innovation

Module: Understanding Scrum’s Role in Product Innovation

Day 1: Scrum Fundamentals for Product Innovation

  • Introduction to Scrum and Agile Principles.
  • Scrum Roles and Artifacts.
  • Key Concepts: Sprint, Backlogs, and Increment

Day 2: Aligning Product Strategy with Scrum

  • Defining Product Vision and Roadmap.
  • The Product Owner’s Role in Strategy.
  • Integrating Scrum with Strategy.

Day 3: Scrum throughout the Product Life Cycle

  • Mapping Scrum to the Product Life Cycle.
  • Implementing Scrum at Different Stages.
  • Pros and Cons of Scrum in Various Phases.

Day 4: Product Discovery and Strategy with Scrum

  • Product Discovery Techniques.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration and Prioritization.
  • Creating a Product Strategy Document.

Week 2: Mastering the Product Owner Role

Module: Correctly Applying the Product Owner Role

Day 1: Understanding the Product Owner Role

  • The Authority and Empowerment of a Product Owner.
  • Responsibilities and Duties of a Product Owner.
  • Desired Capabilities for an Effective Product Owner.

Day 2: Stakeholder Engagement and Building Empowered Teams

  • Influencing and Collaborating with Stakeholders.
  • Forming Stable, Autonomous, and Empowered Product Teams.

Day 3: Addressing Product Owner Challenges

  • Handling Vacant Scrum Master Roles.
  • Supporting Scrum Masters for Effective Leadership.

Day 4: Guiding and Empowering the Development Team

  • Successful Collaboration with the Development Team.
  • Empowering Team Members and Accountability for Shared Goals.

Week 3: Managing a Product Backlog

Module: Comprehensive Backlog Management

Day 1: Forecasting and Change Management

  • Creating Date-Driven and Scope-Driven Forecasts.
  • Managing Change with Stakeholders.
  • Adapting the Backlog to Changing Needs.

Day 2: Rolling Backlog Projection

  • Building a Rolling Backlog Projection for 4-8 Weeks.
  • Ensuring Continuity and Agility in Planning.

Day 3: Product Backlog Refinement

  • Strategies for Effective Refinement.
  • Determining Analysis Priorities.
  • Stakeholder Involvement and Timing Stakeholder management.

Day 4: Enhancing Backlog Management backlog Management

    • Establishing Requirement Establishing Requirements Buffers.
    • Exploring Design Sprints for User Validation.
    • Post-Release Feedback Metrics.
    • Leveraging Historical Performance Data for Release Forecasts and Budget Management.

Week 4: Effectively Scaling the Product Owner Role- SAFe 6.0 Model

Exploring Design Sprints for User Validation Module: Scaling Product Ownership

MIRO ACTIVITIES – Assignments based exercises

Day 1: Understanding Scaling Needs and Timing

  • Identifying the Right Time to Scale Product Ownership.
  • Strategies to Minimize and Remove Dependencies for Scaling.
  • Recognizing the Indicators for Scaling Requirements.

Day 2: Collaboration and Shared Ownership

  • Best Practices for Collaborating with a Group of Product Owners.
  • Sharing Product Ownership Effectively.
  • Establishing Communication and Decision-Making Protocols.

Day 3: Team Topology and Development Setup

  • Choosing the Appropriate Team Topology for Scaling.
  • Setting Up Development Teams for Efficiency and Collaboration.
  • Addressing Challenges in Scaling and Distributed Teams.

Day 4: Practical Application of Scaling Strategies

  • Real-World Case Studies in Scaling Product Ownership.
  • Hands-On Exercises in Scaling Scenarios.
  • Evaluating and Adapting Your Scaling Approach.

Week 5: Successfully Guiding Development Teams

Module: Empowering Development

MIRO ACTIVITIES – Assignments based exercises

Day 1: Leveraging Sprint Planning for Directed Work

  • Using Shared and Actionable Sprint Goals.
  • Directing the Development Team’s Efforts.
  • Effective Sprint Planning Meeting Practices.

Day 2: Sprint Review for Progress and Alignment

  • Understanding Progress Assessment.
  • Gathering Stakeholder Feedback.
  • Aligning Team Members in the Sprint Review Meeting.

Day 3: Dealing with Underperforming Development Teams

  • Identifying Signs of Underperformance.
  • Strategies for Addressing Underperformance.
  • Supporting and Motivating Development Team Members.

Day 4: Involving Development Teams in Discovery and Refinement

  • Engaging Development Teams in Product Discovery.
  • Collaborative Product Backlog Refinement.
  • Encouraging Cross-Functional Contributions.

Week 6: Making Informed Product Decisions and Delivering Excellence

Module: User Engagement and Product Validation

Day 1: Engaging with Users and Customers in Scrum

  • Building Strong User and Customer Relationships.
  • Effective Communication and Collaboration Strategies.
  • User-Centered Product Development.

Day 2: Beyond Demos: Validating Product Increments

  • Selecting Appropriate Validation Methods.
  • Gathering User Feedback and Data.
  • Maximizing the Value of Validation.

Day 3: Analysing Feedback and Data for Insights

  • Effective Data Analysis Techniques.
  • Deriving Actionable Insights.
  • Updating the Product Backlog for Continuous Improvement.

Day 4: Keeping Backlog and Roadmap in Sync

  • Maintaining Alignment Between Backlog and Roadmap.
  • Prioritization Strategies for Agile Product Development.
  • Adapting the Roadmap to Emerging Insights and Changes.

Week 7: Advancing Your Product Career

Module: Nurturing Your Product Management Journey

Day 1: Exploring Career Paths in Product Management

  • Identifying Available Career Options.
  • Recognizing Paths to Progress in Your Product Career.
  • Insight into Varied Roles within Product Management.

Day 2: Enhancing Your Skillset for Career Growth

  • Identifying Crucial Skills for Advancement.
  • Strategies for Skill Development and Enhancement.
  • Learning Paths and Resources for Skill Acquisition.

Day 3: Sustaining a Healthy and Productive Pace

  • Achieving and Maintaining a Sustainable Work-Life Balance.
  • Strategies for Health and Wellness in the Product Role.
  • Productivity Tips and Practices for Career Success.

Day 4: Building a Brighter Product Career

  • Setting Personal Career Goals and Milestones.
  • Action Planning for Advancement.
  • Leveraging Your Learning for Career Growth



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    Professional Product Owner Course :

    Build Visions and Inspire Team

    Being a professional Product Owner encompasses more than writing requirements or managing a Product Backlog. Product Owners need to have a concrete understanding of all product management aspects, including but not limited to product ownership, that drives value from their products.

    Who Should Attend

    The Professional Scrum Product Owner course may be interesting to all involved in product development upon the Scrum framework, but has been specifically conceived for those responsible over products from a business and product management perspective and taking up the highly accountable role of Scrum Product Owner. No pre-existing knowledge of Scrum is required to attend.

    Course Objectives

    • Have a clear understanding of the mechanics of Scrum
    • Know how the Product Owner fits into Scrum
    • Successfully work with Scrum Teams and stakeholders
    • Effectively increase business agility

    Course Topics

    • Agile Product Management
    • Value-Driven Development
    • Scrum Principles & Empiricism
    • The Scrum Framework
    • Product Backlog Management
    • Release Management

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    • Once you enroll, we equip you with online, self-paced preparatory lessons to set you up for success. Dive into essential concepts for product managers and gain a common vocabulary to start collaborating with classmates on day one.

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    Career Transitions

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    Product Owner Training
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    Senior Developer
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    Herin Wilson
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    What Is Scrum and Agile?
    Agile Manifesto
    When to Use Scrum vs. When to Use Traditional Methods.
    Facts and Fictions about Scrum
    Typical Scrum Timeline

    Scrum Team

    Role 1: The Product Owner

    Role 2: The Scrum Master

    Role 3: The Development Team

    Other Roles

    So Who Is the Project Manager?

    1. The Nature of Scrum Events
    2. The Time-Box Concept
    3. Event 1: The Sprint
    4. Event 2: Sprint Planning
    5. Event 3: Daily Scrum
    6. Event 4: Sprint Review
    7. Event 5: Sprint Retrospective
    8. Product Backlog Grooming

    Artifact 1: Product Backlog

    Artifact 2: Sprint Backlog

    Artifact 3: Increment

    Artifact 4: Definition of “Done”

    Artifact 5: Monitoring Progress toward a Goal

    Artifact 6: Monitoring Sprint Progress

    Scrum Roles

    Scrum Events

    Scrum Artifacts