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Our “Microsoft Power BI Experts” have an average teaching experience of more than 15 years and are recognised industry leaders . In order to assist aspiring learners in mastering the skill of managing data and developing potent dashboards for making wise business decisions, our instructors have designed a special teaching methodology.

Power BI Course Overview

Microsoft Power BI is a group of tools, services, and connectors that combine to transform disparate data sources into understandable, engaging visuals, and interactive insights. It is an interactive business analytics solution offered by Microsoft that makes it simple for you to connect to and visualize your data sources.

With the help of Power BI, individuals can get data from a wide range of systems in the cloud and create dashboards that will track the metrics they care the most.

With this technology, enterprises can see their business performance more closely and get immediate results with real-time dashboards available for every device. By taking our Microsoft Power BI training course, anyone can become a competent data analyst. All the topics and units are broken down in an easy-to-learn manner, making the course extremely enjoyable and our friendly instructors delight all our learners to use Power BI successfully. The user-friendly Power BI reporting application has been designed to help users, of all experiential levels, produce insightful data analysis – hence our interactive and highly engaging BI training course helps candidates across departments communicate performance-related data in a visually understandable manner.

Why Choose Us?

TechCtice provides training solutions to businesses, government entities, non-profit groups, global corporations, and private individuals. Our subject matter specialists are well-versed in their respective fields and adept at making their subjects interesting in order to foster a rewarding learning experience. Our committed crew never stops striving to offer in-house training to customers who prefer the convenience and comfort of doing their work in their comfortable settings.

Why do you Need Power BI Training?

Power BI is a business analytics service provided by Microsoft. It provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities, where end users can create reports and dashboards by themselves, without having to depend on any information technology staff or database administrator. Power BI provides cloud-based BI services along with a desktop-based interface called Power BI Desktop. It offers data modeling capabilities including data preparation, data discovery, and interactive dashboards. This Microsoft Power BI Certification will help you master developing dashboards from published reports, discover better insight from the data, and create practical steps for the various tasks that you can do with Microsoft Power BI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Power BI is a set of software services provided by Microsoft that helps its users to use virtually immersive and attractive data visualization and modelling.

You can create a dashboard in just four easy steps. First, you need to collect the data, second is explore your dashboard, third is to choose the right cart, and the fourth one is to save and publish your dashboard.

Data analysis is a process of cleaning, inspecting, modelling, and transforming data for discovering useful information and supporting the decision-making process of the business.

Data modelling is a process of creating a complex data model to store data in a database.

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a language developed by Microsoft for interacting with a variety of data in their platforms, i.e. Power BI, SSAS, and PowerPivot tabular models.

It enables you to get the essential specialist knowledge required to become an effective Power BI Developer. This course will help you to gain understanding about how to create, transform, and load data with the help of Power BI tool. It will also help you to gain knowledge about how to optimise the performance, resolve data errors, and improve their reports.

Professionals who hold a Microsoft Power BI certification get higher rank in companies and get paid more than any average data analyst.

Yes, our exceptional in-house delivery staff work incessantly to provide training to clients who wish to have the convenience and comfort of working within their familiar surroundings.

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    Key Features

    40 Hrs Instructor-led Training

    Flexible Schedule

    Focused on real-world examples

    24 x 7 Lifetime Support & Access

    72 Hrs Project Work & Exercises

    Certification and Job Assistance Post Completion

    Career Transitions

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    Herin Wilson
    Ranjan Sahoo
    Junior Power BI Developer
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    BI Developer
    ₹ 6,90,700
    Herin Wilson
    Rajesh Mandal
    Project Coordinator
    ₹ 7,80,023
    Senior Developer
    ₹ 9,80,223
    Herin Wilson
    Pankaj Sahoo
    Senior BI Developer
    intellipaat-image₹ 9,90,099
    IT Developer
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    Course content :

    • Data Visualization, Reporting
    • Business Intelligence (BI), Traditional BI, Self-Serviced BI
    • Cloud Based BI, On Premise BI
    • Power BI Products
    • Power BI Desktop (Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View)
    • Flow of Work in Power BI Desktop
    • Power BI Report Server, Power BI Service, Power BI Mobile
    • Flow of Work in Power BI / Power BI Architecture
    • A Brief History of Power BI
    • Data Transformation, Benefits of Data Transformation
    • Shape or Transform Data using Power Query
    • Overview of Power Query / Query Editor, Query Editor User Interface The
    • Ribbon (Home, Transform, Add Column, View Tabs)
    • The Queries Pane, The Data View / Results Pane, The Query Settings Pane, Formula Bar
    • Aging the Work
    • Datatypes, Changing the Datatype of a Column Filter
    • In Power Query
    • Auto Filter / Basic Filtering
    • Filter a Column using Text Filters
    • Filter a Column using Number Filters
    • Filter a Column using Date Filters
    • Filter Multiple Columns
    • Remove Columns / Remove Other Columns
    • Name / Rename a Column
    • Reorder Columns or Sort Columns
    • Add Column / Custom Column Split
    • Columns
    • Merge Columns
    • PIVOT, UNPIVOT Columns
    • Transpose Columns
    • Header Row or Use First Row as Headers
    • Keep Top Rows, Keep Bottom Rows Keep
    • Range of Rows
    • Keep Duplicates, Keep Errors
    • Remove Top Rows, Remove Bottom Rows, Remove Alternative Rows
    • Remove Duplicates, Remove Blank Rows, Remove Errors
    • Group Rows / Group By
    • IF..ELSE Conditions, Transform Column () Types
    • Remove Columns (), Split Columns (),Replace Value()
    • Table. Distinct Options and GROUP BY Options Table.
    • Group (), Table. Sort () with Type Conversions PIVOT
    • Operation and Table. Pivot(). List Functions Using
    • Parameters with M Language
    • Data Modeling Introduction
    • Relationship, Need of Relationship
    • Relationship Types / Cardinality in General
    • One-to-One, One-to-Many (or Many-to-One), Many-to-Many
    • AutoDetect the relationship, Create a new relationship, Edit existing relationships
    • Make Relationship Active or Inactive
    • Delete a relationship
    • What is DAX, Calculated Column, Measures
    • DAX Table and Column Name Syntax
    • Creating Calculated Columns, Creating Measures Calculated
    • Columns Vs Measures
    • DAX Syntax & Operators
    • DAX Operators
    • Types of Operators
    • Arithmetic Operators, Comparison Operators, Text Concatenation Operator, Logical
    • Operators
    • Date and Time Functions
    • Text Functions
    • Logical Functions
    • Math & Statistical Functions
    • Filter Functions
    • Year, Month, Day
    • Weekday, Weeknum
    • Format (Text Function) À Month Name, Weekday Name
    • Date, Today, Now
    • Hour, Minute, Second, Time
    • Date diff, Calendar
    • Creating Date Dimension Table
    • Len, Concatenate (&)
    • Left, Right, Mid Upper,
    • Lower
    • Trim, Substitute, Blank
    • If
    • True, False Not,
    • Or, In, And
    • If error Switch
    • Int
    • Round, Roundup, Rounddown
    • Divide
    • Even, Odd
    • Power, Sign
    • Sqrt, Fact
    • Sum, Sumx
    • Min, Minx
    • Max, Maxx
    • Count, Countx
    • Average, Averagex
    • Countrows, Countblank
    • Calculate
    • All
    • Related
    • Report View
    • Fields Pane, Visualizations pane, Ribbon, Views, Pages Tab, Canvas Visual
    • Interactions
    • Interaction Type (Filter, Highlight, None)
    • Visual Interactions Default Behavior, Changing the Interaction
    • Using grouping, Creating Groups on Text Columns
    • Using binning, Creating Bins on Number Column and Date Columns
    • Sorting Data in Visuals
    • Changing the Sort Column, Changing the Sort Order
    • Sort using column that is not used in the Visualization
    • Sort using the Sort by Column button
    • Hierarchy Introduction, Default Date Hierarchy
    • Creating Hierarchy, Creating Custom Date Hierarchy
    • Change Hierarchy Levels
    • Drill-Up and Drill-Down Reports
    • Data Actions, Drill Down, Drill Up, Show Next Level
    • Visualizing Data, Why Visualizations
    • Visualization types, Create and Format Bar and Column Charts
    • Create and Format Stacked Bar Chart Stacked Column Chart Create
    • Format Clustered Bar Chart, Clustered Column Chart
    • Create and Format 100% Stacked Bar Chart, 100% Stacked Column Chart Create and
    • Format Pie and Donut Charts
    • Create and Format Scatter Charts
    • Create and Format Table Visual, Matrix Visualization
    • Line and Area Charts
    • Create and Format Line Chart, Area Chart, Stacked Area Chart
    • Combo Charts
    • Create and Format Line and Stacked Column Chart, Line and Clustered Column Chart
    • Create and Format Ribbon Chart, Waterfall Chart, Funnel Chart
    • Power BI Service Introduction, Power BI Cloud Architecture
    • Creating Power BI Service Account, SIGN IN to Power BI Service Account
    • Publishing Reports to the Power BI service, Import / Getting the Report to PBI Service My
    • Workspace / App Workspaces Tabs
    • Working with Datasets, Creating Reports in Cloud using Published Datasets
    • Pin Visuals and Pin LIVE Report Pages to Dashboard
    • Advantages of Dashboards
    • Interacting with Dashboards
    • Formatting Dashboard
    • Sharing Dashboard

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