Android Course Content

Overview :

Android is a Most Popular Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. It is an open source operating system, created by Google, and available to all kinds of developers with various expertise levels, ranging from rookie to professional. Applications in Android are written in java programming language. It is available as open source for developers to develop applications which can be further used for selling in android market.

Training Objectives of Android :

Android is a World Most Extensive Linux-based operating system Supports for smart phones and tablets. It includes a touch screen user interface, camera, widgets, network data monitoring and all the other features that enable a cell phone to be called a smart phone. This Platform supports various applications which are available in Android Play Store. The extendable application environment of Android is specifically designed to suit industry requirements to tap the mobile consumer market and offers immense scope for Android application developers.

Target Students / Prerequisites :

Student must have knowledge on Java Enterprise Edition and basic Web application architecture and deployments. Students must be familiar with the network or operating system administration and problem determination skills and Understanding of the Operating System.

Introduction :

  • What is Android
  • Android History and Generations
  • Android Architecture and features

Basics of Android

  • Android Installation
  • Setup ADT to Eclipse
  • Hello World – Startup Android example
  • Internal Details
  • Android Core Building Blocks
  • Android Emulator – Android Virtual Device
  • Activity and its Life Cycle

Android Layout Manager :

  • Relative Layout
  • Linear Layout
  • Table Layout
  • Grid View
  • List View

Android UI Widgets :

  • Button
  • Text view
  • Toast and Custom Toast
  • Toggle Button
  • Checkbox
  • Alert Dialog
  • Spinner
  • Auto Complete Text view
  • Menu etc…,

Intent and Notifications :

  • Internal Intent
  • External Intent
  • Notifications and communication

Android Data Storage :

  • Shared Preferences
  • Internal Storage
  • External Storage
  • SQLite API

Android Content Provider :

  • Content Provider Fundamental
  • Contact Content Provider

Android Multimedia :

  • Multimedia API
  • Playing Audio
  • Playing Video
  • Text To Speech API

Location API :

  • Location API Fundamental and Example of the same.

Device Connectivity :

  • Bluetooth
  • List Paired Devices
  • Working with WiFi
  • Working with Camera

Styles and Android Graphics :

  • Styles & Themes
  • Graphics API
  • 2D Graphics

Courses Duration : 3-4 weeks