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If you are wondering to be a professional video editor then you must join our institute Techctice for an internship to boost your hidden talent. We provide the best video editing internship in Bhubaneswar. Doesn’t matter Whether you are experienced or new to video editing, we have the best course for you to know and learn how to develop amazing professional quality type videos. So, without wondering anything else, get yourself in the best video editing internship in Bhubaneswar, Techctice.

Internship & Live Project

Practical Industry Exposure

Execution & Certificate Provided

Flexible Work Hours(3-4 hrs a day)

  • Filmora
  • Content Writing
  • Adobe premiere pro
  • Keyword Research
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Thumbnail Design

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Best Digital marketing Trainer in Bhubaneswar

Shuvam Panda

Google & Microsoft Certified
YouTube Expert
Corporate Trainer Since 2016


What is Video Editing?

A process of making good quality of video with the use of the technique of editing visuals. Video editing covers a process of re-arrangement and modification of the video.

What is a Video Editor’s Job?

The job of a video editors is to take video tapes and modify them. Today, video editors are considered to bethe back-bone of any good quality productions. The main responsibility of a video editor is to edit visual media, like soundtracks, films and videos for the cable and broadcast media industries. And today new technologies are used to edit the videos.

Best Youtube video edit internship in Bhubaneswar ,Our institute provides genuine training courses with various tools. We will provide smart, powerful, flexible video editing capabilities, which will help you learning deeply about the video editing.

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    No matter how you choose to learn the editing, we will cover all lesson plans, which will be delivered by our amazing Certified Professional Trainers, with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    Video Editing scope:

    Easily, a person can earn a salary between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 every month in video editing. Along with a few years of experience and expertise gained in video editing, a video editor‘s career can be on the smooth track with highly payment and other benefits too.

    A professional and experienced video editor working for a big studio can easily earn a salary between Rs. 25, 000 to Rs. 75,000 per month. One can also work as a freelance, where he could be paid on hours basis.  Go ahead join now the Best Youtube video edit internship in Bhubaneswar..


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    You should join this internship to have better future in your life.

    Yes, YouTuber is an appropriate course for you to grow your career in YouTuber field in an IT Organization.

    Yes , You should pay the full fee payment once the class starts. For now you can get admission by paying a ₹2,000.

    The Environment of the Institute will be a positive environment always.

    The duration of the internship will be around 45 days.

    Complete syllabus in present in office and the students should visit the office to know there syllabus for different internship.

    It will be a practical process teaching with live project.

    YouTuber’s potential scope is an increasing offbeat career of vast scope, of rewards such as job versatility and the option to express yourself. Learn also how to edit videos and template Photoshop design

    The maximum capacity of our Organization internship class will be 10 students only.

    Yes there is a scope for intern to work in our Organization that means whosever will perform excellent in our internship classes .Then there is a high possibility of chance to get placed in our Organization.

    YouTube itself is not a “work” whether or not you earn money. Nor is a “Career” a platform / come in and of itself. There was a mistake. When you excel in YouTube, certain skills are normally required, such as video editing, video making , social media, etc.

    The starting salary of a Youtuber  intern will be around 8 k to 15 k per month .

    Yes YouTube Video Editing is a vast course.

    The time of class will be 11am to 1pm.