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We can learn Selenium by taking an best Selenium with Java internship in Bhubaneswar . There is a best Selenium with Java internship institute in Bhubaneswar. Selenium is a free open source automated testing suite for was application across different browsers and platforms Selenium is a set of tools and libraries that automate web browser action, In most simple words selenium provides tools that can interact with browsers and can automate browsers like, click, input, select, navigate, etc with the help of a script. Selenium is not only a tool but a packet of software each used for various testing needs of an organization.

Selenium Training in Bhubaneswar is provided by Technology Technologies, and if you choose this course, it will be your best choice ever. You could become a pro using a selenium suite of tools like Selenium IDE, RC, Grid, and Webdriver and learn many other concepts like Sikuli, AutoIT, TestNG.

  • Features of Selenium
  • Flexible and extensible

It has the support of multiple languages and multiples browser support.

Internship & Live Project

Practical Industry Exposure

Execution & Certificate Provided

Flexible Work Hours(3-4 hrs a day)

  • Introduction to Automation
  • Selenium components
  • Java script
  • Core java fundamental
  • Flow Control ,Exception& Assertions
  • Java.Lang.String class
  • Inner Classes
  • Eclipses
  • Fire Bug

Our Proud Trainers

Chandan Kumar

Java/Automation/DevOps Trainer
He is a full stack developer & Online Trainer. In my 9 years of experience, I worked in various software programming languages and tools. like Nodejs, ReactJS, MongoDB, Angular JS, Java, Springboot, microservices, Selenium, Protractor, JMeter, and many more. I have trained more than 20k IT professionals.
Techctice Pvt. Ltd


Selenium Online/ Corporate Trainer
She as a trainer for this course has over 10 Years experience in IT Training and consulting to the corporate IT companies. She has been training for last 4 years for consultants in USA,UK, India through class room and online trainings.
Techctice Pvt. Ltd


Components of Selenium Internship:

  • Web Driver
  • Selenium grid

Why selenium internship is Important?

If we take an Selenium with Java Internship we can gain a lot of knowledge about Selenium. Selenium has many advantages over other tools like it generates test scripts more efficiently, reuses the script, validate functionality, and automating the test process and remote testing software codes. Taking the intelligent Selenium with Java training can help professionals to build a solid career in the rising technology domain and get the best Selenium jobs in the origination.
Who can do this selenium with java internship
Selenium is a new bombing technology in software that helps automate the testing of your application. professionals with basic knowledge of object-oriented programming can simply take up this course. We also be professional by taking selenium with java internship

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    Automation testing or Selenium online courses in Bhubaneswar:

    Do you constantly search for automation testing classes in Bhubaneswar? Are you ready to enroll in the best placement-based automation testing courses in order to improve your future and career? If you’re interested in a profession in automation testing, you’ve identified the finest place to look into for introductory automation testing classes.
    Techctice provides the best automation testing certification programs in Bhubaneswar that also offer practical Java training in automation testing. So, whether you’re searching for automation testing courses for beginners, automation testing certification courses, or online automation testing certification courses, the list of automation testing courses in Bhubaneswar Techctice will provide you with lots of possibilities.
    In the IT industry, there is a considerable demand for positions in software testing. Testing is crucial to the creation of software since it enhances performance, improves products, and reduces development costs. Software testing is crucial to software development since it improves the software’s degree of dependability, performance, and quality while also helping to ascertain whether it works as intended. Both human and automated testing are highly desired to enhance system performance.
    Techctice is providing the best software testing course in Bhubaneswar, This course will guide you to master Software Testing (Manual and Automation) concepts like test case development, software testing techniques, SDLC, STLC, testing automation using Selenium, and many more.
    In this best selenium course with java in Bhubaneswar, You will learn about variables, data types, multithreading, collections, and several other Java concepts that are crucial to automation testing as part of this course.
    In this best selenium internship in Bhubaneswar, You will learn how to use Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, Jenkins, Gherkins, Alerts, and Modal Dialog Boxes during automation testing. Your ability to guarantee that a web application is fully functioning and dynamic will be improved by taking this course.
    Software testing automation courses also cover soft skills and aptitudes that will boost your confidence and logical reasoning.
    The hands-on projects, practical assignments, case studies, communication skills, aptitude skills, resume-writing sessions, mock tests, assessments, and interviews in our training programs are specifically chosen to help you develop your talents. Through our guest lectures and industry immersion events.
    You will learn more about the business and industry in these Techctice courses on software testing automation. In Techctice, our experts will assist you in developing your writing and business communication skills so you can transition from academia to industry smoothly. Through group projects and in-class homework, you will hone your cooperative abilities. We will prepare you to successfully negotiate the challenges of professional life with a curriculum that is closely associated with the industry.
    In this best automation training institute with placement our dedicated placement team will monitor the success of your interviews and, if necessary, develop a strategy on how to improve in certain areas to aid in your employment. Throughout the course, they will work with you and act as a mentor. Throughout the training and counseling sessions, we require your complete presence and attention. With our professional accelerator program with guaranteed employment, move forward and shape your career.

    This testing course in Bhubaneswar will
    • Give you knowledge of the various kinds of software testing

    • Give you the ability to set up and utilize Selenium WebDriver to automate a web application.

    • Assist you in using testing tools like Gherkins, Maven, Jenkins, JIRA,
    ALM, and others.

    • Improve your aptitude and communication abilities.

    • Through this program, we hope you will learn the necessary information and display your acquired abilities.

    Through this program, we hope you will learn the necessary information and demonstrate the analyzed skills.


    Odisha’s Best automation training institute with placement is Techctice. Techctice offers selenium training in Bhubaneswar. With the help of the WebDriver tool, this course will give you a solid foundation in several Selenium automation testing frameworks.

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      Why we take selenium institute in bhubaneswar?

      For almost every projects Companies are moving towards open-source automated testing tools that will enable them to cut down the cost and effort that manual testing takes. Selenium is that open-source automated testing tool for websites.

      Career opportunity with Selenium Internship:

      • Mobile testing lead
      • Selenium tester
      • Selenium Automation tester
      • Senior Quality Engineer
      • Selenium test Analyst
      • Senior QA Automation Engineer
      • Software Development Test Engineer
      • JAVA Selenium Automation Engineer


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      You should join this internship to have better future in your life.

      Yes, Selenium with Java is an appropriate course for you to grow your career in Selenium field in an IT Organization.

      Yes , You should pay the full fee payment once the class starts. For now you can get admission by paying a ₹2,000.

      The Environment of the Institute will be a positive environment always.

      The duration of the internship will be around 45 days.

      Complete syllabus in present in office and the students should visit the office to know there syllabus for different internship.

      It will be a practical process teaching with live project.

      Selenium is a free (open-source) automated testing framework used to validate web applications across different browsers and platforms. You can use multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Python, etc to create Selenium Test Scripts. Testing done using the Selenium testing tool is usually referred to as Selenium Testing.

      Selenium Software is not just a single tool but a suite of software, each piece catering to different Selenium QA testing needs of an organization. Here is the list of tools

      • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
      • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
      • WebDriver
      • Selenium Grid

      The Selenium testing courses in particular are prepared by Techctice in compliance with the most recent industry standards and best practises.

      To ensure app understanding, the Techctice selenium training course uses a number of training techniques to introduce students to the different selenium capabilities.

      Selenium was created by Jason Huggins in 2004. An engineer at ThoughtWorks, he was working on a web application that required frequent testing. Having realized that their application’s repetitious Manual Testing was becoming increasingly inefficient, he created a JavaScript program that would automatically control the browser’s actions. He named this program the “JavaScriptTestRunner.”

      Seeing potential in this idea to help automate other web applications, he made JavaScriptRunner open-source, which was later re-named Selenium Core.

      Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is the simplest framework in the Selenium suite and is the easiest one to learn. It is a Chrome and Firefox plugin that you can install as easily as you can with other plugins. However, because of its simplicity, Selenium IDE should only be used as a prototyping tool. If you want to create more advanced test cases, you will need to use either Selenium RC or WebDriver.

      Because of their architectural differences, Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, and WebDriver support different sets of browsers and operating environments.

      Browser Support

      • Selenium IDE

      Mozilla Firefox and Chrome

      • Selenium WebDriver

      Google Chrome 12+


      Internet Explorer 7+ and Edge


      HtmlUnit and PhantomUnit


      Operating System

      • Selenium IDE

      Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

      • Selenium WebDriver

      All operating systems where the browsers above can run.

      Selenium Automation Testing is currently leading on the market. Opensource applications helps individuals involved in selenium to find their place best in leading organisations. Selenium has a larger reach, and the future is just as bright as the tools that Linux, Windows and OSX support are emerging.

      The maximum capacity of our Organization internship class will be 10 students only.

      Yes there is a scope for intern to work in our Organization that means whosever will perform excellent in our internship classes .Then there is a high possibility of chance to get placed in our Organization.

      Selenium is an open-source tool that supports all currently existing browsers. The automation architecture of Selenium web drivers is essential for web automation research. It’s a Java extension which provides the independence of the platform.

      The starting salary of a Selenium with Java  intern will be around 20 k to 25 k per month .

      Yes, Selenium with Java is a vast course.

      The time of class will be 11am to 1pm.

      Selenium RC was the flagship testing framework of the whole Selenium project for a long time. This is the first automated web testing tool that allows users to use a programming language they prefer. As of version 2.25.0, RC can support the following programming languages:

      1. Java
      2. C#
      3. PHP
      4. Python
      5. Perl
      6. Ruby

      The Selenium WebDriver proves to be better than Selenium IDE and Selenium RC in many aspects. It implements a more modern and stable approach in automating the browser’s actions. Selenium WebDriver, unlike Selenium RC, does not rely on JavaScript for Selenium Automation Testing. It controls the browser by directly communicating with it.

      The supported languages are the same as those in Selenium RC

      • Java
      • C#
      • PHP
      • Python
      • Perl
      • Ruby

      Selenium Grid is a tool used together with Selenium RC to run parallel tests across different machines and different browsers all at the same time. Parallel execution means running multiple tests at once.


      • Enables simultaneous running of tests in multiple browsers and environments.
      • Saves time enormously.
      • Utilizes the hub-and-nodes concept. The hub acts as a central source of Selenium commands to each node connected to it.


      Selenium IDE-

      • To learn about concepts on automated testing and Selenium, including:
      • Selenese commands such as type, open, clickAndWait, assert, verify, etc.
      • Locators such as id, name, xpath, css selector, etc.
      • Executing customized JavaScript code using runScript
      • Exporting test cases in various formats.
      • To create tests with little or no prior knowledge in programming.
      • To create simple test cases and test suites that you can export later to RC or WebDriver.
      • To test a web application against Firefox and Chrome only.

      Selenium RC-

      • To design a test using a more expressive language than Selenese
      • To run your test against different browsers (except HtmlUnit) on different operating systems.
      • To deploy your tests across multiple environments using Selenium Grid.
      • To test your application against a new browser that supports JavaScript.
      • To test web applications with complex AJAX-based scenarios.

      Selenium WebDriver-

      • To use a certain programming language in designing your test case.
      • To test applications that are rich in AJAX-based functionalities.
      • To execute tests on the HtmlUnit browser.
      • To create customized test results.

      Selenium Grid –

      • To run your Selenium RC scripts in multiple browsers and operating systems simultaneously.
      • To run a huge test suite, that needs to complete in the soonest time possible.