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AngularJS is a Java-based open-source web framework designed for web applications and its components are useful for the mobile app development process. Learn about AngularJS in real-time with IT Guru experts practically with live training.

AngularJS Course Overview

AngularJS Online Training at Techctice will provide you the best knowledge on the Angular basics & components, templates, data binding, etc with live experts.

You become a master in this field by taking the greatest Angular Course, which focuses on Angular’s features, directives & data-binding techniques, services, routing, etc. You can earn a certification in the top online AngularJS course with the help of our AngularJS Online Training. Join together with Techctice to learn Angular 8 Online in order to take on new problems and create the best solutions. Learn the fundamentals of Angular Online as well as other more complex features to become an expert in a variety of Angular applications, components, and services to handle real-time jobs. You may learn how to use Angular for dynamic web pages in the real world by attending the top AngularJS Online Training offered by Techctice. With the Advanced Angular course, you’ll learn a variety of abilities.

AngularJS Online Training FAQ’S

Yes, we offer training discounts to each group, batch, referral, and trainer-led head to head training for the students enrolling in our AngularJS Online Training. Get any of the other self-paced courses for free with the course that you enroll in our training program like Angular. So, you can learn two technologies in parallel by enrolling through this platform.

Yes, you can schedule your Angular Training in all Time Zones and we also offer training classes with the US, UK, Australia, & Europe based trainers on Weekends and Weekdays.

Even if you have missed a class for the Angular Course, then you can watch it as a recorded video within your LMS or attend the same in another live batch.

Our expert trainer will provide the server access to the Angular Online Training aspirants. You will get practical training with a live session for your AngularJS course that covers all your training needs about the course along with the Project.

Our AngularJS Online Course trainer is a certified consultant and at present, he is working on a project within this technology and he is experienced too.

Yes, we offer job placements to our Angular Online Training job seekers as we have Job Placement Teams in India, the USA, and around the globe to help you in getting the best job. As you get enrolled in our Angular Course, we start preparing your CV with updates and train you to make your certifications clear and Project in time. Our expert Angular trainer also conducts an Interview session and will provide you project work also. We do forward your resumes to all the companies that we have collaboration with to help you to get a job in the sector. Thus, with our AngularJS training program, each student will get a complete IT industry experience.

Yes, we will help you to get certified in the Angular Course and we promise you that after completing our online training program, you will get a certificate in the technology for sure.

Yes, we accept your AngularJS Online Training fee in two to three installments, for the mode of training you would like to take.

Our expert Angular Course trainer will explain to you the subject and project work in detail on the software itself with live training. Each training batch of candidates is a software team in our learn Angular 8 online training program and a project is given to them. After completion of the project in Angular, the training will end for the students. So, all the trainee students can experience the real-time IT company ecosystem during our AngularJS online training period, where our trainer helps them as a Team Lead.

Who is this course for?

The course assumes intermediate level JavaScript, though some more advanced JavaScript topics can be covered. This is a practical course aimed at developing real world skills for building websites.

AngularJS Overview

AngularJs is an open-source JavaScript framework. It is a powerful JavaScript framework to create Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). It enables developers to write client-side applications that are cross-browser compliant.


  • AngularJS reduces the lines of code that a programmer needs to write to develop a functionality.
  • AngularJS works with any server-side technology as it is a JavaScript client-side tool. It additionally coexists with other client-side technologies and can be tweaked in a manner that it is not interfering with the current setup.
  • AngularJS is compatible with other libraries such as action script, jQuery, and Javascript.
  • AngularJS makes web browsers smart.
  • AngularJS can create a large scale of dynamic web applications and it works on all modern web browsers.
  • AngularJS is an open source framework and can run on any platform.

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    40 Hrs Instructor-led Training

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    Career Transitions

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    Manash Ranjan Sahoo
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    AngularJS Developer
    ₹ 4,90,023
    Herin Wilson
    Ranjan Sahoo
    Junior AngularJS Developer
    ₹ 5,80,023
    Angular Developer
    ₹ 6,90,700
    Herin Wilson
    Rajesh Mandal
    Project Coordinator
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    Senior Developer
    ₹ 9,80,223
    Herin Wilson
    Pankaj Sahoo
    Senior JS Developer
    intellipaat-image₹ 9,90,099
    IT Developer
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    Course Benefits

    With 10K+ hires,
    we’ve placed more grads in high-growth, high-pay tech careers than any other coding bootcamp.

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    Launch a Fulfilling, Future-Proof Career

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    Average Salary Per Year ₹ 8,80,023

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    AngularJS Online Training Course Syllabus

    • What are Components?
    • String interpolation
    • Property binding
    • Creating customer component
    • Component template, styles, selector
    • String interpolation
    • Property Binding
    • Event Binding
    • Passing Data with event binding
    • Two-way-databinding
    • ngif
    • ngfor
    • ngstyle
    • custom directive
    • ngswitch
    • Injecting service into component
    • Creating data service
    • Need of routing
    • Setup and loading routing
    • Router link
    • Navigation path
    • Styling
    • Navigating programmatically
    • Fetching Route parameters